Frozen food and a healthy diet

11 February 2021

Frozen food offers many advantages such as its ease ofpreparation and the fact that it can last for a very long time in the freezer.Many people wonder whether frozen food can fit into a healthy diet. Well, theact of freezing isn't the main factor that makes the food unhealthy or healthy,but this matter is more related to the nutritional content of the food when itgets frozen. The thing is if your food was rich in nutrition before it gotfrozen, whether we are talking about frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, frozenmeats, chicken frozen food, or frozen fish, it will still be nutritious oncethawed. Freezing food doesn't affect the calorie count, the mineral content, orthe fiber content; however few vitamins such as Vitamin C can differ butwithout a noticeable impact on the nutritional value. The amount of protein,fat, carbohydrates, or sugar would also remain unchanged.

The fastest-growing segment in the frozen food market is thefruits and vegetable segment and this market is highly concentrated andcompetitive in nature, with important market players always looking to innovateby launching new products and by expanding their business operations to newmarkets. The focus in the future would be on providing healthy frozen food tomeet the rising expectations of health-conscious consumers interested in healthyfrozen vegetables and healthy chicken products such as healthy frozen chickennuggets, or in the best frozen french fries. 

Finally, with the spread of Covid 19, the bestshopping habit would be to shop for frozen food products online, where you canhave frozen vegetables delivered at your doorstep similarly to frozen friedpotatoes and many other frozen products.