The dairy product market

11 February 2021

Dairy foods and beverages are an essential part of acomplete diet which explains the increasing demand for them all over the world.As people are becoming more and more interested in eating healthy, dairyproducts have introduced low-fat, cholesterol-free, and lactose-free productsto the market. The global market of diary food presents a rich variety ofproducts including cheese, milk, butter, yogurt, buttermilk, and ice cream.

Dairy products are very beneficial to the human body sincethey contain calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, potassium, and phosphorus. Regularconsumption of dairy products improves bone health and reduce the risk ofcardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. For all of these reasons, thedairy product market is expanding among people concerned with their health.

With all the available dairy products that can be boughtonline nowadays, the international market of dairy products is expanding whileattracting more and more funds from the investors' side due to the absence ofstrict regulations in this market. On the other hand, shifting consumerbehavior has been noticed from meat to dairy products since both are a richsource of proteins. The market growth is further driven by the existing modernretail facilities and cold chain logistics that make the distribution processof dairy products easier and safer.

Furthermore, due to the Covid pandemic, diaryproduct sale through online distribution channels has significantly increased,enabling people to order cheese online or to order milk online with milk homedelivery for example. Finally, innovation in the market has been noticed withthe introduction of fat-free, flavored, and drinkable yogurt which indicates asignificant growth opportunity.