The development of the global frozen food industry

11 February 2021

Frozen food products are more and more becoming part of thediet of many households around the world due to the increasingly busylifestyles people are following these days resulting in their demand for fastand convenient solutions. International trade and distribution of frozen foodproducts have also increased due to the improvement of the transportationmodalities and the emergence of the offering of frozen food online.  

On the other hand, frozen food is welcomed by food retailersaround the globe because of its lasting shelf life since the coldness preventsbacteria from developing; however, to remain frozen properly frozen productsshould be maintained under a constant temperature requiring advanced technologyused in their storage and transportation.

For all these reasons, we have seen investments take placeworldwide in the cold chain infrastructure in order to develop the frozen foodmarket further on local and international levels. Another trend has emergedrelated to the offering of frozen food online enabling consumers toconveniently order online for their preferred products while being given a widerange of choices; they can find frozen vegetables online such as frozen greenpeas online, along with frozen fires online, and frozen chicken online as fewexamples. Frozen french fries are very demanded in the fast-food industry,while frozen chicken products such as frozen chicken nuggets and frozen popcornchicken brands are appreciated for the ease of their preparation.

Finally, with globalization and the increase ininternational trade, the global frozen food industry is likely to keepexpanding worldwide.